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Farmers must be growing or raising their products on their farm they rent or won that is located within 25 mile radius of the market. A minimum of 90% of what you sell is from your farm. We may allow 10% from off your farm under some conditions.


Value Added Produces, Food Processors, Bakers and other food related vendors will be making their products within 25 mile radius of the market. 100% is made by you at your business.

Artists & Crafts

100% of what you sell will be made by you within 25 miles of the market. All are juried with emphasis on unique, original, local and complimentary to the market.

We look forward to having you at one of our upcoming markets.


Our Farms

Our farms are all within 25 miles of the market for truly local food raised in our communities. If it’s here our farms raised it and our other vendors made what they offer.

New Vendor Application

Inquire About Becoming A Vendor

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