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Great Upcoming Events For The Whole Family From Cazenovia Preservation Foundation

August 7 - Full Moon Bonfire

Bring friends and family to enjoy the magic of Fairchild Hill on a summer night. Explore the woods and fields or settle in by the fireside to enjoy s’mores and a view of the full moon as it rises. S’mores provided, but bring your own blanket and headlamp or flashlight.

August 19 - Salamander Walk

Several species of salamanders can be found in the moist woods of Cazenovia. Amy Kochem returns for a walk of discovery on the Sherman's Gulch Trail. Young children, families and solo adults all welcome.

August 26 - Fossils & Geology of Cazenovia

What was the Cazenovia area like 400 million years ago? Linda Ivany, professor of geology at Syracuse University, will guide our discovery of Devonian fossils in the rocks of Cazenovia. Identify snails, brachiopods, trilobites and more while learning how the local landscape gives us clues to the past.

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About Cazenovia Preservation Foundation:

The mission of the Cazenovia Preservation Foundation is to protect historic, agricultural, and natural resources in and around Cazenovia.

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