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Calling All Creatives! Workshops for individuals and entrepreneurs!

Announcing a new collaboration between The Hub, The Palace, and Colgate University, a new workshop series called the "Creative Endeavors".

The Creative Endeavors business workshop offers a dynamic and collaborative platform for individuals to explore and enhance their entrepreneurial skills within the realm of creative industries. Participants engage in a series of interactive sessions, covering topics such as ideation, business strategy, marketing, and financial planning, tailored specifically to the unique challenges and opportunities within creative endeavors.

Facilitated by industry experts and successful entrepreneurs, the workshop fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas, encouraging participants to think innovatively and apply strategic thinking to their creative ventures. Through hands-on activities, case studies, and peer discussions, attendees gain practical insights, honing their ability to transform creative passion into sustainable and thriving business endeavors.

Dates: January 30 - March 19th (Tuesdays 6:30-8:30PM)

Topics Include:

  • Developing a business plan

  • Finding creative collaborators

  • Reaching your target audience

  • Establishing your business

  • Identifying funding approaches & sources

This workshop serves as a catalyst for fostering a community of creative entrepreneurs, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to navigate the intersection of creativity and business effectively.

To register go to the link below:


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