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Caz Life Winterfest Medallion Hunt

Updated: Jan 29

It's almost time for Cazenovia's Winterfest, and we are happy to report that thanks to grant funding from Assemblyman Al Stirpe along with a whole lotta love from the Cazenovia community, we are able to bring you some pretty incredible events this year!

For the full list of events, click the image below or visit

One of the new events that we are so excited about is the 2024 Winterfest Medallion Hunt!

Here's how it all works...

We've hidden a Cazenovia Winterfest Medallion in a public spot someplace in Cazenovia. Solve the clues, find the medallion and win $250 from Caz Life.

The rules are simple! The search begins on Thursday, February 8th at 8am, and ends (no matter what!) on Sunday, February 11th at 5pm.

We will publish one clue per day on the Caz Life Facebook page so be sure to follow us!

The medallion is hidden somewhere on public property in the village of Cazenovia. It is not include a building or other structure or hidden somewhere dangerous. Do not climb trees, search in or near water or engage in any other activity that might result in injury. The medallion is not there! It is not buried, although it may have become covered with snow.

We repeat: The medallion is NOT on private property!

Do not hunt for the medallion after dark! Respect our parks and public spaces while you are hunting. Do not cause damage to the environment or any property.

When you find the medallion, call the Caz Life phone number (315) 216-7753 and tell them where you are and what exactly you see on the medallion. If the medallion is not found by Sunday, February 11th at 5pm, the contest will end and the prize money will be used towards next year's treasure hunt.


1.) Clues will be announced each morning at 8am on the Caz Life Facebook Page starting on Thursday, February 8th. Follow us and get ready!

2.) Get outside and start searching for the medallion! Please see below for rules and regulations of how to play.

3.) Once you find the medallion, call Caz Life immediately. Our phone number is (315) 216-7753. We will ask you to let us know where you are and to send us a photo of you with the medallion. As soon as we have the verified winner we will arrange a location of where you can turn in the medallion and claim your prize. Also, we will alert the public that the hunt has come to its completion!

Important Legal Stuff: By entering the medallion hunt, participants agree that they have read and understand the rules and agree to release Caz Life and any other entities and individuals associated with the contest from any and all liability, including but not limited to personal injury.

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