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Meet A Member - Empire State Painting & Contracting

Updated: Feb 6

Meet a local father and son duo that can do it all - Empire State Painting and Contracting.

Joe Bush and Jeremy Thomas offer a myriad of services to Cazenovia and surrounding areas, and you may not have realized it but you've surely seen their work! They handle everything from historic buildings (New Woodstock Historical Depot) to modern construction (Beak & Skiff Orchards & Distillery). CLICK HERE to see some of their latest projects.

"We enjoy making people's homes beautiful and as we bring their visions to light as each customer has their own particular personality and dreams and it's fun to make those dreams a reality for them. Such, as we will be working on creating a secret room for a long-time customer with two entrances for a study. We both work with customers on designs, and I work personally with customers in color consultations, and Jeremy is the master craftsman." - Joe Bush 

Working within the local community for over 20 years has earned them a respected place in the industry. However, what we truly love is that they list their cell phone numbers right on the homepage of their website. This speaks volumes! It shows that they not only take pride in their work, but they make a point to be easily accessible to anyone looking for information, a quote, or calling with project questions and concerns. Top Notch!

So, next time you are planning a project, give them a call -- and see where the possibilities can lead!

Joe Bush (315) 552-4586 / Jeremy Bush (315) 427-2865 

And judge for yourself - here is just one example of a transformation that speaks volumes.

Oh, and if you don't believe us -- just ask the many people they've worked for. Here is just a quick scan of some of their reviews...


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