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The Entrepreneur Next Door at Cazenovia Public Library March 12th

Just one of the 9 million reasons, we love The Hub...

Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur and turning your hobby or passion into a business? Join local advisors and business owners at a free panel near you this March during our Entrepreneur Next Door Roadshow!

This will be a series of inspirational and enlightening events throughout Madison County hosted by eight different libraries that delve into the world of entrepreneurship right in their own community. “The Entrepreneur Next Door” brings together the Director of the Hub, Madison County's Public Information Officer, and the WISE Women’s Business Center (WBC) Advisor for Madison County, three influential figures who have paved the way for local business success, along with a next-door neighbor who is a successful entrepreneur.

Event highlights include a morning chat to start the event, an interactive Q&A session, and a network reception.

Choose from the following dates and locations:

Be inspired by the stories of local entrepreneurs who found success in unexpected places.

Expand your professional network and connect with influential figures in the local business community.

Gain practical knowledge and insights that can propel your own entrepreneurial journey.

Visit to register and find more event details. We hope to see you there!

This series is presented by The Hub Hamilton NY and WISE Women's Business Center with support from the Central New York Community Foundation.


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