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Yes... winterfest curling is cancelled. Now, what next?

We never thought we could be bummed out by a warm snap in February, but with so many great events planned for Cazenovia's Winterfest, we actually were a bit saddened to see warmer weather in Central New York.

That is because one of our most anticipated events of the weekend was set to be outdoor curling, unveiled at Meier's Creek. We had been planning everything since late summer, and needless to say, it was a pretty expensive investment to make in purchasing a rink and all the equipment.

Although we aren't off to the season start of our dreams, we are determined that this isn't the end of it all.

Going forward, once the rink is amply frozen:

  • We will resume scheduling our "Learn To Curl" community events. These are the events that are open to the public. We open up 16 spots to the community at $20 per person. That price includes 1.5 hours of rink time, all the equipment you would need to participate, and a dedicated instructor. All tickets are pre-paid, and non-refundable. All money collected goes towards Caz Life.

  • We will also begin to take reservations for "Private Group Bookings" as well. If this might be something you are interested in, please visit and we can contact you as soon as the ice is pristine and ready to be used. For these booking we can set up tentative dates using a credit card to hold your space. The nice thing about booking privately is that you can curl with a smaller group of people, which means more ice time for everyone! On trust us, once you give it a try, you will want more ice time!

A big thanks to everyone who has shown interest in these events so far. Even though weather hasn't been as we had hoped, it's nice to know that this is something the Cazenovia community is interested in... and that means the world to us!


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