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In Cazenovia

So Much To

Our rich history in hop production pre-prohibition, gives way to some great local breweries, wineriescideries & distilleries in Cazenovia and the surrounding area.

The countryside is dotted with apple trees, hop fields, and lakes. Come enjoy the great outdoors by visiting a farm, going for a hike, or getting out on the water!

Cazenovia loves live music. Whether it's our concerts on the lake series or great shows at The Nelson Odeon, Brae Loch Inn and Owera Vineyards - there is always something going on.

Hand crafted in Cazenovia. Peruse the local shops and check out the vibrant local art scene. From outdoor exhibits like The Stone Quarry Art Park to shops like 20 | East and Cazenovia Artisans, there is a lot of great artwork to see.

Join us in experiencing the rich traditions and historic landmarks such as Lorenzo State Historic Site. As a town influential in the abolition movement, and richly impacted by the gilded age there are many beautiful sites to see.

We have everything from Lakeside Fine Dining to Scottish Pubs with great live music. Whether you can you enjoy a full meal at one of our great restaurants or just a quick bite at one cute cafes or coffee shops, Cazenovia has something for you. 

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