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Get  Outside!

If there is one thing we love to do, its keeping active all year round. We have great family friendly options for snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating, and  more!

Snowmobiling in Cazenovia - Madison Co (4)_edited.jpg
Baked Potaotes


Stone Quarry Hill Art Park - Madison Co 17 (11)_edited_edited.jpg

Caz Winter Events

Here in Cazenovia, we are always creating ways to make winter fun and enjoyable! Whether getting out into nature or cozy-ing up by a fireplace - there is something for everyone here. Click below to learn more about great winter events happening in Cazenovia.


Cozy Up In Caz

Make a weekend of it all! There are so many great events going on in Cazenovia, we invite you to stay. No matter how you prefer to travel, there are so many great lodging options in and around our little village.


Snow Much To Love!

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