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Cazenovia Curling

Thanks to support from Caz Life ( in partnership with Meier's Creek Brewing Co. ( we are bringing the great sport of outdoor curling to Cazenovia, NY.

Over the winter we will be offering weather-dependent curling events to the community. Sign up as an individual or a group to participate.


Upcoming Events

Learn To Curl Events
Private Curling

Book A Private Curling Event

We would love to host your group for a private curling session at Meier's Creek Brewing Company. We can accommodate up to 16 people for 1.5 hours of curling. All proceeds go to Caz Life and The Cazenovia Chamber of Commerce and support community events and marketing efforts within our community. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?
You can register to participate in two ways. You can sign up for one of the events scheduled by Caz Life on our calendar or book your own private 1.5 hours of ice time.

Why isn't registration open right now?
As you may expect, outdoor curling is highly weather dependent. Typically we will be able to make the call weather-wise, one week in advanced, however if weather looks too warm to curl, the event registration will not open up. Please stay tuned to our website and social media as we will announce as soon as each event opens.

How long will curling season run?
We are hoping to run curling season straight into April as long as we can achieve the temperatures needed for ice quality.

What is the cost to curl?
As part of our two booking options, we offer curling for $20 per person at a scheduled event. These events can accommodate up to 16 people participating. Or if you book yourself private ice time, the cost is $320 for the 1.5 hour slot, no matter how many people you have participate.

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Winter Fun!

Here in Cazenovia, we are always creating ways to make winter fun and enjoyable! Whether getting out into nature or cozy-ing up by a fireplace - there is something for everyone here. Click below to learn more about great winter events happening in Cazenovia.

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