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Share Your Thoughts: Cazenovia Farmers Market Location Survey

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Recently, concerns about pedestrian safety at Memorial Park, voiced by our Chief of Police, have sparked discussions about potential alternative locations. The bustling street during market hours has prompted the need for a crossing guard, a cost that will impact market vendors.

Recognizing the High School green as a former and potential future location for the market, we're exploring possibilities to accommodate more vendors and alleviate parking congestion in the village. While it's too late to relocate the Farmers Market for the upcoming 2024 summer season, we're committed to ensuring the safety of our residents, vendors, and visitors. A crossing guard will be stationed at the current location to mitigate any safety risks.

Any decisions regarding the Farmers Market location ultimately rests with village decision-makers, but your input plays a vital role in informing these discussions. Your perspectives and suggestions will help us better understand community preferences and concerns.

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Thank you for your participation!

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