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Caz Library's Mummy Gets CT Scan

There’s always something new to discover at the Library and on December 10th that something new was the medical history of Hen, the mummy at the Cazenovia Public Library. Under the care of Dr. Mark Levinsohn, Dr. Stuart Singer and Crouse Hospital staff Hen underwent a full CT scan and biopsies of his muscle, lung, and tumor to help us better understand how he lived and died. The new tests may help decipher how Hen died- presumably of an osteosarcoma in the leg. These results will also hopefully shed light on not only Hen’s life but what ailments Egyptians may have faced 2000 years ago. Crouse will also study his DNA (if usable) and review a CT scan to better understand a foreign object in his torso.

The Library is very grateful to Crouse Hospital, the doctors, and transporters for their volunteered time and care. Results may not be available for a few months, but until then Hen is still giving us a glimpse of the past and on display at the Library. For more information on Hen’s trip to Crouse visit the Cazenovia Republican.

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