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Now Accepting 2024 Membership Dues

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

The Greater Cazenovia Area Chamber of Commerce ( is now accepting members for the 2024 calendar year. As one of the most impactful years in recent history, the chamber underwent a complete restructuring in 2023 resulting in the closure of our brick-and-mortar tourism office. Additionally, the longtime Executive Director position changed from salaried role to a volunteer basis.

Supported by the longstanding Executive Board, this decision was made with intention and resolve. The mission of the chamber has always been to support and serve the community, and these sacrifices have allowed us to allocate substantial funds to be used toward events and marketing endeavors. Under this new model, we anticipate that going forward 95% of collected membership dues will be able to make a direct impact within the community.

However, we deeply believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to supporting Cazenovia-area businesses. Instead, we have embraced the concept that “a rising tide lifts all boats” which is the idea that a strong economy has benefits for businesses in every industry. The talent in the community is vast and it is paramount now, more than ever that we come together. We believe that creating a more synergistic business environment will benefit us all. Increased opportunities for participation will allow all 2024 chamber members to find an avenue of promotion that works best for their business.

In addition to member dues, the chamber plans to source revenue from merchandise, state and local grants, donations at community events / networking events and increased sales of Caz Bucks, the only gift card accepted at most retailers in Cazenovia.

With additional funding and as part of the new structure along with a generous donation of $20,000 from a singular community member the chamber has created Caz Life ( The chamber will remain the B2B entity that powers this B2C events and marketing committee. The role of each will be distinct and complimentary. While tourism and events aren’t the only need within Cazenovia, research shows that that they are a key catalyst in affecting prosperity within small communities. Showcasing everything that makes Cazenovia a great place to work and live is beneficial to all members and non-members alike.

Please consider contributing at one of the levels below or pay whatever you feel comfortable with.


  • Level 1: Non-Profit $125

  • Level 2: Businesses with 1-4 employees $150

  • Level 3: Businesses with 5-25 employees $175

  • Level 4: Businesses with 26-50 employees $345

  • Level 5: Businesses with 51-75 employees $575

  • Level 6: Businesses with 76-100 employees $850

To renew your 2024 dues online or to become a new member visit

About Caz Life: Caz Life is an events committee dedicated to fostering local business development, promoting tourism, and implementing effective marketing strategies in order to enhance the vibrancy and economic growth of our beloved village. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to curate captivating events and experiences that showcase the unique charm and attractions of Cazenovia, New York. By nurturing a thriving local economy and creating memorable moments for residents and visitors alike, we strive to build a sustainable future that preserves our heritage while embracing progress.

About The Greater Cazenovia Area Chamber of Commerce: The Greater Cazenovia Area Chamber of Commerce in order to benefit the local economy and enhance the community’s quality of life will:

  • Actively serve, represent and enhance business growth and success.

  • Provide programs and activities to improve interaction between local businesses and the Cazenovia area communities.


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