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Majestically overlooking Cazenovia Lake, Lorenzo State Historic Site was established in 1807-08 as the neo-classical home of John Lincklaen, founder of the Village of Cazenovia. Mansion tours are available, and the visitor center and gift shop are open from May through October; the Mansion reopens in December for “Christmas at Lorenzo.” For more information, click here.

In 1894, Cazenovia Public Library benefactor Robert James Hubbard embarked on a nine month Grand Tour with his son. During an extended stay in Egypt, Hubbard collected a number of artifacts, including a complete mummy and its case, several masks, breastplates and sandals, ushabtis, scarabs and other objects. For more information, click here.


Did you know, that one of the original financiers of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company had his summer home in Cazenovia Benjamin Brewster lived for many years at what now remains as The Brewster Inn - a fine dining establishment, and the only public inn on Cazenovia Lake. For more information, click here.


Cazenovia is a part of 108 miles of historically significant and beautiful US roadway between Onondaga County on the west, to Schenectady County on the east.  Working to help communities and businesses do what they want to do by building awareness through promotion, information and education with an annual “Scenic Byway Guide and Map”, Website and speakers bureau.

Upstate New York was a hotbed for pivotal events aiding the abolition movement in the United States. Abolition orator, Frederick Douglass organized The Runaway Slave Act Convention was a powerful event held right on Sullivan Street in Cazenovia. For more information, click here.

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