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Member Spotlight - Rural Health Council of Madison County

What do you know about the Rural Health Council of Madison County?

Nestled right in Cazenovia, this non-profit aims to improve the health of our communitiy by advocating, educating, & coordinating services.

They are an incredible resource to all people of all ages, incomes, and of varying health concerns.

The Council was established to:

  • Identify gaps in services and facilitate implementation plan to address such gaps

  • Coordinate and report on county-wide strategic planning regarding health care services

  • Coordinate county-wide alignment of health care resources and services

  • Monitor health services, quality of care and emerging health and health care issues

  • Coordinate the development of a shared health information system

  • Facilitate affiliation agreements among providers

  • Assist in professional recruitment efforts, and

  • Encourage community and consumer involvement in the network.


The Rural Health Council works with other incredible health orgnaizations to strengthen their offerings to the public and their access to professionals and resources within the health and wellness industry.

They offer a myriad of services to the public, and participate in other community activities like fundraisers and public awareness campaigns. They encourage people to take an active role in their personal health.

Follow them on social media, and you will understand what we mean...

The council offers pertinent information on health topics including, but not limited to - local health resources, funraisers, mental health, suicide prevention, food bank schedules, first aid courses and more!

Find them online:

Also, as a non-profit, they are always seeking support from the local community. So if you are still compiling your end of year donations, please be sure to consider all the good work they do as a 501(c) 3. Donating to the Madison County Rural Health Council helps them build and sustain their programs and initiatives, which in turn, contribute to the health of the community. To donate, visit

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